Complex Projects & Asset Management

Solutions for awareness of the asset specifications and their changes related data, ability to analyze and monitor information in order to take managerial decisions.
Rapid change of the business environment and work process conditions force decision makers to use new approaches for data collection and analyses.
Managers should be focused on business development and optimization, searching new ways for increasing the market share, reduce costs, increase revenue etc., but in order to do it they need reliable instruments and tools to analyze the current situation of their assets and actuality of the implemented business processes to be able to plan further activities in proper manner. That’s why we are providing solutions able to solve all mentioned issues.


Passporting – is the development of the system designed to control operational efficiency based on the analytical indicators


is the aggregate structural information about the object including technical, financial, commercial and resources related specification.

Use of passporting

  • Aggregation and consolidation of the reliable data of information and telecommunication technologies infrastructure - ITCI
  • Operational reports and analytics
  • Objects exploitation models development and cost management

The main tools of the solution

Awareness of the ITCI asset related data

Complete and up to date information about the asset, gathering the financial, commercial, technical and resources related information – the complex estimation of the dynamics of the asset conditions changes

Analysis and modeling

The estimation of the the asset current status (KPI), the dynamics of the changes in the asset specifications along the project execution, fixation of the results, benchmarking, the planning of the next initiations

Project management

Planning of the asset specification changes, execution of the projects and programs connected with asset’s related data and the personalized control of the tasks execution

Passportization objects

Technical premises

  • Server rooms
  • Process cainets
  • Data centers


  • Routers
  • Switches
  • Servers
  • Etc


  • Companies staff workload for the maintenance and support tasks execution
  • The suppliers work results and estimation of the provided personnel workload

Engineering and life support systems

  • Conditioning and climate control
  • Power supply


  • The planning of the equipment repair
  • The status of executed tasks and spent resources


  • The projects monitoring with the focus on the specific equipment in use
  • The projects monitoring with the focus on the specific equipment in use


  • Network infrastructure
  • Engineering communications
  • Routing

Advantages of the solution

Data storage and use security

  • The extensive tools for control and access distinction
  • Control of the data integrity and correctness through the whole lifecycle of the information

User friendly and handy interfaces

  • Web technologies and applications
  • BI tools for analysis and visualization of the results

Reliability and high availability

  • 4/7 work regime for all user
  • Ability to implement on the own or rented infrastructure
    Ability to work with offline objects

Projects, control and recommendations for budget management in a single solution

  • The all activities of passportization, modernization and maintenance of ITCI are consolidated in a single data base connected to the ITCI separate units.
  • Project management and the management of the operational tasks performed under the same rules
  • Rationale recommendations for budget optimization

Options flexibility

  • Passportization for any kind of objects and services
  • Operative setup of the data aggregation and analysis process
  • Project work and tasks are setting up taking into account the company’s structure, specification of work and responsibilities of assigned employees.

Reporting, analysis and planning based on reliable information

  • Use of the ITCI information avoiding additional filters and actualization
  • Short-term and long-term planning
  • Ability analyze any KPI and benchmark with desired detailing including initial figures and facts used in the calculations